The City of Pearls!

Hyderabad - Hyder's abode - is a 400-year-old city built by the kings of the Qutub Shahi dynasty (1518–1687). Haider (lion in Persian) refers to the son of the city's founder Quli Qutb Shah, according to some sources. A melting pot of Hindu and Muslim cultures, this ancient pearl and diamond trading centre is still known as the City of Pearls.

No self-respecting shopper in India would return from a trip to Hyderabad without a few pearls!

Hyderabad, steeped in a rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage and home to the glistening towers of many global IT giants, is almost perfect as a venue for the 22nd Cochrane Colloquium. Blending the ancient and the modern in an off-beat harmony, Hyderabad, the jewel of the Deccan, offers you a life-changing experience of the vibrant democracy that is Incredible India, like no other Indian city can!

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