Colloquium Scientific Sessions

The theme for the 22nd Colloquium- Evidence-Informed Public Health: Opportunities and Challenges- will seve as the underlying theme for the scientific sessions at the Colloquium.

We will have five themed plenary sessions with three to five plenary speakers per plenary who represent a range of experiences and expertise from around the region and the world; and a special plenary dedicated to the 2nd Annual Cochrane Lecture. Plenary speakers and themes of the plenaries are now available and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Oral presentations (around 90+) will be held concurrently in the forenoon, after the plenary sessions. There will also be six themed special sessions during the forenoon concurrent with oral sessionns.

Workshops (around 80+) will be held concurrently in the afternoons.

Attended Poster sessions (over 200) will be held during the morning breaks and over lunch. These sessions and the breaks  and lunch will be held in the same hall at the Colloquium venue. 

Meetings of Cochrane Groups will be held before and after the scientifc sessions and during breaks. 

The topics covered in these various scientific sessions and workshops provide an eclectic mix of topics traditionally covered in Cochrane Colloquia as well as newer topics that address the challenges Cochrane faces in making review production more efficient, and the products more accessible to, and in formats required by those who need this evidence. Read more about these topic areas here

The Co-Chairs of the Scientific Committee for the 22nd Cochrane Coloquim at Hyderabad are:

Sally Green | Paul Garner| Sreekumaran Nair| Prathap Tharyan

See: Overview of the Colloquium Scientific and Social Programme