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Evidence-Based Medicine: An oral history

Cochrane20 video series
Videos on everything you wanted to know about Cochrane - the founder, the early years, the leaders, the milestones in the last two decades, the opportunities and challenges in the coming years...

How do Cochrane Reviews make a difference to the lives of people? 
Find out.

Speakers (to be updated) 
Prof. Gordon Guyatt who coined the term Evidence-based Medicine. 

Tech Symposium 
The 2nd Annual #CochraneTech Symposium will address newer technological approaches to help prepare systematic reviews more efficiently and deliver better outputs to end users.

Some of the media reports about Cochrane from the South Asian region  

Members of the media who are interested in reporting about the Colloquium or any other Cochrane Collaboration related activity (including Cochrane Reviews) may contact Anna Joseph of the Local Organising Committee. 

Anna Joseph is Communications Officer for the South Asian Cochrane Network & Centre. (