Meet the Entities

Meet the Cochrane Groups Lunch


This year, the various Cochrane groups will be given the opportunity of meeting and engaging with each other over lunch. The Centres have been allotted Hall 3 and Review Groups and other entities, Hall 4. Buffet lunch will be served in these halls. The venue will also have many smaller tables for the various groups to use.  


What to bring 

You may consider bringing copies of your poster, leaflets or business cards to encourage colleagues to engage with group. Please bring a basket / container to put them in. These will not be provided for you.


Ideas for engagement

• Highlight a review from your group that changed practice, reduced costs or saved lives. It could also be one that you feel will bring about such an impact in the near future.  

• Impact of your group on your area of expertise, e.g. methods publications; applications of your methods

• How your group contributes to evidence-informed public health

• Activities of your group (amount of training offered to many people, partnerships, presentations, etc)

• A key person from your group’s history 



The Colloquium organisers are not responsible for supplemental materials that are not removed, after the event