Evidence Based Toxicology Handbook

Friday 26 September 2014 - 17:30 to 19:00


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Experts in the fields of toxicology, animal tests, pharmacology, epidemiology and regulatory science


This meeting is the first step toward preparing a handbook for evidence based evaluation of information relevant to both environmental health and FDA regulation by translating and amplifying as needed the concepts and methods of evidence based evaluation from healthcare to toxicology and environmental health. We propose a stepwise process: step one, convening focused stakeholder meetings with international representation to establish a roadmap for the handbook that covers core principles and methods specific to toxicology and for integrating findings from relevant epidemiological studies; step two, consensus-based adoption of this roadmap and assignment of tasks; step three, drafting of the first version of an open and accessible handbook for evidence-based evaluation relevant to decision making that includes nonhuman research. The structure of an open handbook will facilitate testing validity and precision of the handbook by methodologists, statisticians, toxicologists, and observational epidemiologists and incorporating improvements from this process Our work will involve the following components: (1) we will transfer knowledge and experience from evidence based medicine/healthcare (EBMHC), including systematic reviews and other methods relevant to environmental health (including observational epidemiology). (2) we will coordinate work on new methodologies specific to the knowledge base of both environmental health and EBHMC.