Poster Session 1

Poster Session 1: Day 1 - Tue 23 Sep, 10.30 am to 11.00 am
P1National priority setting of guideline development for chronic disease management in KoreaHeui Sug Jo 
P2Priority setting project for open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma:  where we are now?Xuan Hui 
P3Global burden of eye disease in 2010 and systematic reviews and protocols in Cochrane Database of Systematic ReviewsRobert Dellavalle 
P4Generalizability of findings from efficacy trials for chronic depression: an analysis of eligibility criteriaAlessa Wolff 
P5An approach to disinvestment: an Italian experienceRoberto D'Amico 
P6Analysis of treatment description in RCTs in physiotherapyJeyanthi K.G 
P7Methods of evidence mapping: a systematic reviewJoerg Meerpohl 
P8Keeping up with the evidence: prioritizing systematic reviews on antiangiogenic therapy for age-related macular degenerationKristina Lindsley 
P9Global burden of heart disease in 2010 and systematic reviews and protocols in Cochrane Database of Systematic ReviewsRobert Dellavalle 
P10Embedding research into research, SWAT-1 assesses the effectiveness of a ‘site visit’ on recruitment rates in a multicentre randomised trialValerie Smith 
P11The relationship between the external and internal validity of randomized controlled trials: a sample of hypertension trials from ChinaXin Zhang Dissemination of Initiatives to ANalyse Appropriateness in healthcareXavier Bonfill Cosp 
P14Registered trials of traditional Chinese medicine in China: current status and issues Youping Li 
P15Cochrane reviews in obstetrics and gynecology: what is the contribution of Indian studies?Radhika A.G. 
P16Are public health strategies relevant to non-communicable disease in China covered in the Cochrane Library? Fan Zhang 
P18Using evidence and other perspectives to inform health policy in low- and middle-income countries: nucleic acid amplification tests to detect transfusion transmissible infections in blood donorsPrathap Tharyan 
P19Rotavirus vaccine for Indian children: can latest evidence modify policy guidelines in India?Meenu Singh 
P20Meta-analysis of non-randomized Indian trials confirming results of a Cochrane systematic review based on randomized trialsHans Van Remoortel 
P21Adherence to IMMPACT outcome reporting recommendations among trials assessing the effect of opioids for chronic non-cancer painSohail Mulla 
P24Using the GRADE approach to develop guidelines in low income countries: views of guideline panelists in KenyaMichael Gathu 
P25Implementation of prospective trial registration in the field of otolarynchologyInge Stegeman 
P26Engaging decision makers and researchers to identify priorities in health systems evidence synthesis for low-income countries: lessons learned from UgandaEkwaro A. OBUKU 
P28Tool of transferability: application on studies of cost-effectivenessMónica Velásquez 
P31Analysis of randomized controlled trials published from India by Indian physiotherapists in PubMed and PEDro databaseSaravanKumar J 
P34Model construction of  Health Technology Reassessment (HTR) in Korea using systematic review of HTR systems in four countriesSoo Kyung Son