Poster Session 4

Poster Session 4: Day 3 - Thu 25 Sep, 10.30 am to 11.00 am
P110Exploring the use of patient-reported outcomes in studies of patients with rare diseases: a systematic survey of the literatureSohail Mulla 
P111Description of the protocols of randomized controlled trials on cancer drugs conducted in Spain (1999-2003)Gerard Urrútia 
P112Extent of missing outcome data for participants in trials included in five Cochrane systematic reviews: a descriptive analysisLara Kahale 
P113Methodological quality of negative versus positive studiesJaykaran Charan 
P114Evaluating abstracts to predict low risk-of-bias RCTs using a natural language processing approachErika Ota 
P115Sex and gender issues in research and publishing: implications for Cochrane ReviewsSera Tort 
P116The processing of Cochrane Open AccessDavid Hives 
P117Assessment of methodological quality of adaptive clinical trialsBranko Miladinovic 
P118The risk of unblinding was infrequently and incompletely reported in 300 randomised clinical trial publicationsSegun Bello 
P121Handling trial participants with missing dichotomous outcome data when conducting a meta-analysis: a methodological survey of proposed approachesLara Kahale 
P122An empirical investigation of clinical trialists' views regarding methods to conceal allocationSohail Mulla 
P124The impact of the Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) checklist on reporting of randomized clinical trials in traditional Chinese medicineXin Zhang 
P125Trial investigators as authors of Cochrane reviews: do we manage conflicts of interests adequately?Paul Garner 
P126The development of a quality assessment checklist for molecular marker studiesInge Stegeman 
P127Adherence to reporting guidelines in biomedical journals of Latin AmericaDemian Glujovsky 
P128Assessing bias in osteoarthritis trials included in Cochrane reviewsJulie Bolvig Hansen 
P129Randomised clinical trials on acupuncture in the Korean literature: bibliometric analysis and methodological qualityByung-Cheul Shin 
P130Replication and contradiction of highly cited research papers in psychiatry: 10-year follow-upAran Tajika 
P131How do systematic reviews incorporate assessment of study quality into the synthesis of evidence? A methodological studySrinivasa Katikireddi 
P132Investigating wish bias and mediating role of drug dose in Cochrane systematic reviews: the case-example of fluoxetineMarianna Purgato 
p133Systematic review of prediction models in obstetrics: model development and clinical applicabilityKarel Moons 
P134Assessment of reporting quality in infertility journalsDemian Glujovsky 
P135Dissemination of randomized controlled trials in oncology during 1999-2003 in SpainGerard Urrútia 
P136The risk-of-bias profile of neonatal randomised-controlled trials in Cochrane reviews: are we better over the years?Nai Ming Lai 
P138Quality assessment in studies of all non-randomised designs: example from a Cochrane Review of surgery for epilepsySarah Nolan 
P139Observer bias in the laboratory: a challenge to translational medicine. Systematic review of animal model experiments Segun Bello 
P140Publication bias in post-graduate medical education dissertations in IndiaAmbuj Kumar 
P141Reporting missing outcome data for participants in randomized trials: a methodological survey of proposed approachesElie Akl