Poster Session 5

Poster Session 5: Day 3 - Thu 25 Sep, 3.00 pm to 3.30 pm
P142Endorsement for improving the quality of reports on randomized controlled trials of traditional medicine journals in Korea: A systematic reviewMyeong Soo Lee 
P143Of the people for the people: the development and dissemination of Cochrane work in Chinajun xia 
P144Characteristics of authorships in oral health group systematic reviews Prashanti Eachempati 
P145Understanding reporting and publication patterns of systematic reviews of medical educationTanya Horsley 
P147Requirements of the core clinical journals for authors’ disclosure of financial and non-financial conflicts of interest: a cross sectional studyElie Akl 
p148Feedback on Cochrane Reviews: how much is there and what happens to it?John Hilton 
P149Google searching: a consistency testClive Adams 
P150Easy ways to keep Cochrane reviews current: setting up automated email alertsBrian Alper 
P151Outcomes of Cochrane systematic review protocol development workshops in IndiaRebecca Mathew 
P152Survey on health information needs, access and practice of evidence-informed healthcare among medical practitioners in IndiaJabez Paul Barnabas 
P153Those responsible for approving research studies have poor knowledge of research study design:   a brief knowledge quiz in a nationwide sample of IRB membersAmbuj Kumar 
P154Identifying information retrieval research for systematic reviews and other evidence syntheses beyond effectiveness reviews:  Summarized Research in Information Retrieval (SuRe Info).Carol Lefebvre 
P156The Embase project: the first yearAnna Noel-Storr 
P157CENTRAL Cleanup and HarmoniSRGordon Dooley 
P158How to choose the right journal for your systematic reviewRegina El Dib 
P159Assessment of knowledge, skills and attitude of undergraduate students on evidence-based medicineLAXMINARAYAN KARANTH 
P160Online Evidence-Informed-Decision-making training portal for studentsMadhusudan Vijayan 
P155Development of a search strategy for studies about patients’ values and preferencesPablo Alonso 
P161Finding public health evidence for intervention reviews: evaluating the role of bibliographic databases alongside supplementary search methodsAlison Weightman 
P162A survey of use of Cochrane author resources by Malaysian authorsTeguh Haryo Sasongko 
P163Building capacity for systematic reviews in low-income countries: the Africa centre for systematic reviews and knowledge translationEkwaro A. OBUKU 
P164Training trainers: an approach to standardizing and disseminating risk of bias educationJulia Worswick 
P165EBM Education/training in India: its effect on EBM related publications in Indian Medical JournalsAnju Sinha 
P166Promoting evidence-based decision making among hospital managers in CameroonKesso Imane Habiba Garga 
P167Text mining for screening efficiency?  Testing within a Cochrane public health reviewAlison Weightman 
P168Are Cochrane Review Protocols available and post-protocol changes to methods documented? A study in HIV/AIDS and ophthalmologyIan Saldanha 
P169Experience of developing a discussion group to understand study methods:  the BECA Group (Brazilian evidence-based critical appraisal group)Thomas Pesavento 
P170Growth and development of the South Asian Database of Controlled Clinical Trials Jabez Paul Barnabas 
P171Evidence-based practice: attitudes, knowledge, understanding and barriers: a cross-sectional study among health science students Doss Prakash 
P172Barriers and facilitators to handsearching: experience of the Brazilian Cochrane CentreGustavo Porfirio