Welcome to India

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

India offers a kaleidoscopic variety of landscapes, rich historical traditions, diverse cultures, royal palaces, golden beaches, lofty mountains, secluded retreats, exuberant people, colourful festivals, enduring spiritual practices, and exotic flora and fauna.

A trip to India is never completely fulfilling, as India always has something new to offer; to even the most jaded palate. 

The Challenges

India has a population of over 1.2 billion people and though it has made tremendous strides in development on many fronts, India has a long way to go before it can ensure equitable socio-economic development for all its people. However, in spite of all the hardships the people of India face, the winds of change appear to be instilling  a turbulence in the hearts and minds of this enormously vibrant democracy.

People from all walks of life, and within political, governance and regulatory structures, have begun to show unprecedented unity in determining to deal with diverse issues that have long impeded true and equitable, social, economic, and political development. 

The Opportunities

There are many parallels in the challenges that India and its neighbouring countries in South Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific face. The Colloquium at Hyderabad in September 2014 provides Cochrane a unique opportunity to influence the trajectory of change that is beginning to sweep through this region.

We invite you be part of this opportunity and help us deal better with our challenges.

We also invite you to help us with one particular challenge that we have set for ourselves as our primary objective in holding the 2014 Cochrane Colloquium in Hyderabad: To bring as many people as possible, from India and the South Asian region (for sure); but also the rest of Asia and from all parts of the world, to India and to the 2014 Hyderabad  Colloquium.  

One way that you could help us achieve this is to come to Hyderabad; and to bring at least one other person with you; or help someone who wishes to attend. You could also help Sponsor the Colloquium (read our sponsorship policy here). The journey may  not always be easy, but there are likely to be many opportunities for mutual learning and growth during this process.

Welcome to Hyderabad in September 2014; and to the Opportunities and Challenges!

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