Workshops 4

Workshop 4 : Day 4- 26 September, Friday,  Time:13.30 pm to 15.00 pm
IDTitleContact person
W04Addressing missing participant data in systematic reviews. Part 2: continuous outcomesShanil Ebrahim 
W07An opportunity to learn more about and pilot ROBIS, a new tool to assess the risk of bias in a systematic reviewPenny Whiting 
W08Assessing bias due to missing data in a systematic review that includes non-randomised studies (NRS)George Wells 
W68Should Cochrane limit the number of outcomes in a systematic review? Tianjing Li 
W20Developing strategies for effective media advocacy and public understanding of evidence-informed health careGopalakrishnan Tanjavur Ramaswami 
W25Exploring how to enhance the readability, interpretation and usefulness of graphical representations and summaries of results from a network of interventions dealing with the same clinical condition: insights from different stakeholdersCinzia Del Giovane 
W30How to create a matrix of evidence in EpistemonikosGabriel Rada 
W33How to include economics in Cochrane Review Protocols. Part 2: searches, risk of bias and methodological quality, data collection and analysisLuke Vale 
W35Improving usability on Cochrane websitesNancy Owens 
W44Introduction to meta-analysis 5: including non-standard studies and non-standard dataJoseph Beyene 
W50Measuring and increasing the impact of Cochrane ReviewsGavin Stewart 
W51Methodological requirements for searching for studies for Cochrane Reviews: ensuring that new Cochrane Reviews meet the MECIR standardsCarol Lefebvre 
W62Producing useful evidence syntheses for public health decision-makingRuth Turley 
W63Research priority setting exercises: how to reach and address needs of disadvantaged groupsMona Nasser 
W69Standards for implementing Plain Language Summaries Catherine McIlwain 
W73Systematic reviews of prognostic studies: a meta-analytical approachKarel Moons 
W75The Stats Café (today’s special: statistics for the terrified)Marialena Trivella 
W80Using the new online software, GDT, to create 'Summary of findings' tablesNancy Santesso 
W84Workshop for Managing Editors and Assistant Managing EditorsKarin Dearness