Cochrane Bollywood Dance-Off

We invite you to sign up for the most exciting event in the Hyderabad 2014 Colloquium social programme: The Cochrane Bollywood Dance-Off.


  • At the Farewell Gala Dinner, themed Bollywood Night’, teams of Cochrane dancers will team up with professional Bollywood dancers for the exciting Cochrane Bollywood Dance-Off.
  • The best team and the best male and female Cochrane Bollywood dancers will win exciting prizes, and (who knows?) may even be spotted by talent hunters to audition for a Bollywood movie!
  • Those who sign up will be provided Bollywood-style costumes and Bollywood dance lessons by professional choreographers. Our objective: to turn you into crack teams of Bollywood dancers to uphold the Cochrane Brand, in this new arena of activity aimed at achieving Cochrane's strategic plan, and to increase Cochrane's fan-club database! There's "no business like show business" to increase one's popularity ratings; or so we hope!

To participate, you have to:

  • Sign up for the event at registration.
  • Pay the Entry fee of 5 US$: towards meeting costs related to your refreshments, choreographers' expenses, and the fun you will have at the practice sessions. Tickets can be purchased online for accompanying persons, as well for registered delegates, before 1st September 2014. 
  • Attend two practice sessions lasting two hours each before the event (on Tuesday 23rd and Thursday 25th September evening- the exact timings and location at HICC will be notified to you after September 1st 2014).
  • Consent to be randomized into teams (using a list of computer-generated random numbers, stratified by age and sex, if thought necessary; and allocated using sequentially numbered, sealed, opaque envelopes given to you at the first practice session).
  • Learn a Bollywood dance routine guided by a choreographer, and attain a level of rhythm and grace that satisfies the choreographers (their primary outcome measure for selection will be: those who are 'having fun, without seriously injuring others'). 
  • Agree to perform the practiced dance routine (minor variations are permitted) along with members of the professional Bollywood dance troupe at the Bollywood Night Farewell Gala Dinner and 21st Anniversary Celebrations.
  • Agree to hire, at a nominal charge, Bollywood dance costumes and accessories; or buy them from the vendors who will be available at the Colloquium venue.
  • Actually perform the dance routine in the allocated costume and accessories; and have fun while doing so; and attempt (that is all we ask) to make Cochrane, your team, and your families, and perhaps your forebears and generations to follow, proud of your versatile talents.
  • Agree to have the videos of the actual performance (that may have images of you in various graceful postures) uploaded on Cochrane’s YouTube channel!
  • Acknowledge that by selecting to sign-up for this event and pay the entry fee, you agree to the above conditions, and declare yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit to participate in this energetic, uplifting, rewarding, and exciting activity!


  • Entries will be limited to 100 participants on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • If there are many more potential participants above this number who clamour for a place at this event after we cross 100, then we might have to open registrations till the cut-off date of September 1st 2014. If we are forced to do this due to popular appeal, we will have to schedule auditions to select the final 100 Cochrane Bollywood dancers at the first practice session. However, if you are not selected for the final event the entry fee is non-refundable (due to obscure Bollywood Dance-off union rules!). 
  • If you wish to enter as a Cochrane Group / Entity (as defined by you or by Cochrane- maximum and minimum group size: 10 humans), then you will be granted a lower threshold for selection for a place in the final (provided all members appear to be able to shake suitable parts of their anatomy, as dictated by Bollywood Dance tradition). However, we are sorry that we cannot offer any group discounts; nor will we charge you for the extra benefits you will enjoy by seeking this option.  Please e-mail: with the names of your 10 group /entity members, so that we can firstly get the consent of those you nominated to be part of your group, and most importantly, thank you, and them, for giving us your commitment to dance for the cause of enhancing Cochrane's global image as ‘seriously-talented’ people. 
  • There is no entry fee to participate in the actual Cochrane Bollywood Dance-Off at the Farewell Gala Dinner, because we think you would have earned that right after the practice sessions. We will not charge you for the opportunity to win exciting prizes and lucrative contracts!
  • We do not guarantee that you will win any prizes or lucrative contracts, but we do guarantee that you will have fun; as will those who watch you dance at the Gala night and forever on YouTube! 

Swagatham! Fame is just a click away! (Sign up open till 1st September 2014)