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We are extremely grateful for the generous contributions of our sponsors to date.

However, we seek substantially more support from sponsors to ensure that this opportunity to host the 22nd Cochrane Colloquium in Hyderabad and in India, will enable greater participation from people in the region; and from all parts of the world, and would yet be financially viable. Cochrane Colloquia aim to break-even. Any excess income-over-expenditure is used to ensure the sustainability of the vision and mission of this global enterpise.

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We are grateful to the following organizations for supporting this Colloquium in many ways:

Consumer and Developing Country stipends:

Canadian Cochrane Center: for funding two consumers 

United Kingdom Cochrane Centre: for funding one consumer

Cochrane: for funding eight consumers and 44 participants from low-and middle-income countries

Additional funding:

3ie3ie (http://www.3ieimpact.org/) offered five bursaries for nationals working in low- and middle-income countries to attend the 21st Cochrane Colloquium. 3ie funds impact evaluations and systematic reviews that generate high-quality evidence on what works in development and why, and at what cost. The core mission is to improve lives through impact evaluation by increasing the use of evidence to inform policy and increase development effectiveness.

TTDU logohe Trans-Disciplinary Univerisity, Bangalore (http://ihstuniversity.org/) for funding the partiipation of 17 participants from India


Wiley: for funding the registration of three participants 

WHO-Country Office for Nepal: for funding the attendance of five participants from Nepal

WHO-Country Office for Sri Lanka: for funding the attendance of three participants from Sri Lanka

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