Poster Guidelines

Scientific Posters 

Print your poster in the following dimension

Size limitations

  • Posters must not exceed 48in high x 36in wide, the equivalent to A0 paper size (1189mm high x 841mm wide).
  • Posters must be in portrait format (not landscape).
  • Posters will be placed on both sides of each poster board. Please do not exceed these dimensions - posters that do not fall within size limitation cannot be posted.



  • It's a requirement that at least one poster author must register for the Colloquium by 1 August.
  • Please ensure you stand by your poster during the designated poster session to answer questions.

Virtual Posters:

You can now upload your designed poster image to the collquium website for displaying after the colloquium.

  •  go to your abstract, below the title you will find a  "edit" tab. click on the edit tab to upload your image file.


On site printing

On site printing is available for 40 US$, please follow these instructions for payment and poster format, posters must be sent on or before September 10, 2014.

  • The document must be 841mm wide by 1189mm high (A0 size) - poster must be in portrait format
  • Resolution: 300 dpi (dots per inch)
  • Preferred colour mode is CMYK but RGB will work as well
  • File type: PDF or JPG
  • Please email your designed posters on or before September 10, 2014 to with subject line as "POSTER FOR PRINT – 22nd Cochrane Colloquium" and the registration number of the payment in the body.  Please double check the size of the poster before mailing it to us. Note: Posters can get too big for sending via email, use a file sharing system like dropbox if sending fails.
  • To get a registration number, please select "Poster print" while registering for the colloquium or book it under Registration: Additional bookings (Social event section - requires a registration).