Registration Guidelines

Registration guidelines and policies

Please Note:

  • Read these guidelines carefully before registering.
  • All visitors to India from overseas require a visa to enter the country and a special Conference Visa to attend the Hyderabad Colloquium.
  • See Visa Requirements for who needs a visa; and for any special requirements that apply to you regarding registering early in order to obtain Government of India clearances  for your visa to be issued in time for you to travel to India. 

Registration dates for the 2014 Cochrane Colloquium at Hyderabad:

  • Online early registration opens on 3 March 2014 at a reduced rate
  • Online early registration is now closed
  • Online regular registration opens on 2 August 2014 at the higher standard rate
  • Online registration closes on 1 September 2014 (1300 hours, IST)
  • No registrations will be accepted after 1 September 2014 (online or onsite (spot-registration))

Types of registration

Full RegistrationMonday 22 to Friday 26 September 2014

Full registration includes:

  • One ticket to the Welcome Reception on Monday 22 September (1900 hrs to 2130 hrs)
  • One Colloquium kit
  • Access to Colloquium Scientific Sessions from 23 to 26 September and some pre-colloquium workshops on 21 and 22 September
  • Lunch and refreshments on all days from 23 to 26 September
  • One ticket for the Iconic Hyderabad Tour on the free afternoon (Wednesday 24 September)
  • One ticket to the Bollywood Night Farewell Gala Dinner on Friday 26 September 2014.


  • Only registered delegates are permitted to attend the Colloquium, and lunch or refreshments.
  • Additional tickets must be purchased online for the Welcome Reception, Iconic Hyderabad Tour, the Cochrane Bollywood Dance-Off practice sessions and the Bollywood Night Farewell Gala Dinner for guests or accompanying persons before the close of online registration.
  • Additional tickets may also be purchased online for the Cochrane Bollywood Dance-Off practice sessions and the optional Sufi Night and Dinner at the Chowmahalla Palace (after the Iconic Hyderabad Tour) as they are not included with registration
  • Additional guest tickets will not be available solely for lunches or refreshments during the days of the scientific sessions at the Colloquium; nor are guests (adults or children) permitted to attend.
  • Please select during registration the social events you plan to attend. While one ticket is included in the registration fee for most of them, you have to book your place in order to attend. If you have not selected the social events you plan to attend by the close of registration, you will not be given, or be able to purchase, an entry ticket onsite.

Day Registration:  Tuesday 23 to Friday 26 September 2014

Day registration includes:

  • One Colloquium kit
  • Access to Colloquium Scientific Sessions on the day of registration (23-26 September)
  • Lunch and refreshments on the day of registration
  • One ticket for the Iconic Hyderabad Tour, if registered for Wednesday 24 September (if you select this option at registration).


  • Day registration is not available for Monday 22 September
  • Additional tickets may be purchased online for the Bollywood Night Farewell Gala Dinner for Day registrations on Friday 26 September, as it is not covered in the day registration fee.
  • Additional tickets may also be purchased online for the optional Sufi Night and Dinner at the Chowmahalla Palace after the Iconic Hyderabad Tour for those registering only for Wednesday 24 September.
  • Day registration must be done online and before the close of online registration on 1, September 2014
  • No day registrations will be accepted on-site (spot registration) at the Colloquium

Revised Registration Fee Structure for the 2014 Cochrane Colloquium at Hyderabad

Rationale for the revised fee structure:

  • The registration fee structure was revised after extensive consultations within the SASIANCC and with members of the Colloquium Policy Advisory Group and the International Advisory Board of the 2014 Hyderabad Colloquium.
  • The main aim of this revision was to increase participation from people living in the poorer countries of the world, particularly those living in regions in closer proximity to the Colloquium venue. One of the barriers identified to wider participation in Colloquia, is the high registration cost, which when added to the costs of travel, accommodation, and other expense, makes it impossible for people, particularly from poorer countries, without institutional or other support to attend.
  • Cochrane has instituted many mechanisms to increase participation from LMICs, including the various kinds of support provided to Colloquium Organisers to reduce organizational costs, and to fund Cochrane authors and consumers, particularly those from the developing world to attend Colloquia. However, such funding is limited, and the high costs associated with attending Colloquia mean that only a few actually get funded to attend.
  • The high cost of hosting Colloquia, stems largely from the need to pay for the hire of a suitable venue to host the many meetings of Cochrane Groups that are crucial to advance Cochrane’s mission. There are also expenses related to  the technological and physical requirements of hosting an international scientific congress with up to 1200 participants.
  • Cochrane’s policies of not accepting sponsorship for Colloquia from conflicted sources of funding, for Colloquia and other Cochrane activities, in order to serve as a reliable and independent source of evidence for better health, has meant that the major part of the expenses associated with holding Colloquia come from registration fees.
  • In spite of the potential financial risks involved in reducing Colloquium fees for people from poorer countries everywhere, and particularly from those in the Asian region, the SASIANCC and Cochrane have decided to offer those wishing to attend the 2014 Hyderabad Colloquium, a unique opportunity to participate, learn, share, discuss, and motivate; so that the collaborative enterprise that is Evidence-Informed Health Care will be enriched by wider global participation.
  • Do avail this opportunity to attend; you are also highly likely to inspire those who attend; and be inspired in turn.

Do keep in mind that the theme of the 2014 Hyderabad Colloquium is “Evidence-Informed Public Health: Opportunities and Challenges.” Let us seize the Opportunities and embrace the Challenges.

Basis of the revised fee structure:

The revised registration fee structure for Hyderabad is based on two criteria:

1. The World Bank Country-Classification List 2013, determined by the income-status of the country that the Colloquium participant normally resides in:

  • The World Bank will release a new Country Classification List in July 2014, but since registration for the Hyderabad Colloquium registration is from March through August 2014, the 2013 World Bank Classification will be used to determine the income-status of the participants’ countries for the 2014 Colloquium registration fees.
  • The World Bank’s earlier ‘Middle-Income Country’ category will be expanded to provide different levels of reduced registration rates for revised categories of Upper-Middle- and Lower-Middle-Income Countries within the reduced rates for LMICs.
  • This expanded classification will be the primary basis of the revised registration fee-structure

2. Proximity of the participant’s country of residence to the region of the country hosting the Colloquium.

Changes from registration fees for previous Colloquia: 

  1. The revised registration fee structure applies mainly for full registrations and will see no change in registration fees for early and regular registration for people from High-Income Countries (HICs).
  2. The registration fee for people living in Upper-Middle-Income Countries is  25% lower than the registration fees for HICs, and on par with LMIC rates for many previous Colloquia
  3. The registration fees for people living in Lower Middle-Income Countries outside Asia and the Pacific will be 25% lower than the regular LMIC rate, and 50% lower than the rate for HICs.
  4. The registration fees for people living in Lower Middle-Income countries in Asia and the Pacific and Low-Income Countries anywhere in the world will be the lowest, and will be 75% lower than registration fees for HICs.
  5. These lower early registration fees will apply for the above four categories till 31 July 2014, with higher regular registration fees from 1 August to, and including 1 September 2014, when all registrations close.

Students and Consumers:

  1. Fees for full registration for all consumers, and students from High-Income countries and all Upper Middle-Income Countries will be 50% of the rates for standard early registration for people in HICs. There will not be separate early or regular registration rates.
  2. Fees for full registration for all consumers and students from all Lower Middle-income and Low-Income countries will be 75% of the rates for standard early registration for people in HICs. Again, there will not be separate rates for early and regular registrations.

Day Registration:

  1. There will be only One categories of day registrations, for everyone( HICs, LMICs)from any part of the world, with no separate early or regular registration rates.

* ‘Consumers’ is a term used by Cochrane to refer to someone whose primary role is a health consumer or health consumer advocate (“a consumer who is actively involved with other consumers and is able to represent the perspectives and concerns of that broader group of people”) and is not a healthcare professional.

To avail of the registration rate for consumers, applicants who are active member of Cochrane’s Consumer Network (CCNet), or who fulfil the description of a consumer may apply. We welcome consumers who are involved with any consumer organization or consumer advocacy organization in any capacity. Please send an email to with a letter of support from a Cochrane entity.   

*Student: Full-time university students (undergraduate, and postgraduate; but not post-doctoral/ PhD students). Please send an email ( including proof that you are a full time student (e.g. confirmation of enrolment, letter from Head of Department, Dean, or equivalent) to receive the student fee. Once this proof is verified, you will receive instructions on how to register.

Consumer and Developing Country Stipends:

  • Participants who are eligible for the various stipends (Developing Country and Consumer) are encouraged to apply. Successful applicants are often awarded additional funding, apart from funds to cover registration fees, depending on the availability of funds. To find out if you are eligible to apply, click here.
  • Usually, the registration fee for both categories of stipend recipients is the reduced early registration fees for LMICs. For the Hyderabad Colloquium, the registration fees for DC and Consumer stipends will be the country-specific registration fees of the applicant's country of residence. The registration fees for all Consumers and Developing Country residents is the same, whether applicants were awarded a stipend or not.
  • The dates for notifying stipend recipients will be well in advance of the last date for early registrations.

Registration payment 

Payment for Colloquium registration can be made only through the online payment system by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Diners Club).

Note: For those registering within India, additional payment options include Debit Cards. No other payment options will available.

Onsite registration will NOT be available; you must register online through this system before the deadline of 1 September 2014

Social event tickets

At the time of registration, you can purchase additional tickets for social events. In addition, you must also check the appropriate boxes in the registration system to indicate the events that you will also attend (one ticket is included in full registration for all Colloquium complimentary events), in order to participate in social events; otherwise, you may be denied access to the social program.

Note: If you do not register online for the social events, on-site purchase will not be available.

Colloquium ‘kit’ and identification badges

Delegates must check-in at the registration desk at the Colloquium venue to collect their ‘kit’ and identification badge before attending any session. Identification badges are required for admission to all daily sessions and meals.

‘Kits’ and badges will be available for collection at the registration desk at the HICC main hall. The desk is located inside the main entrance.

Cancellation & replacement policy

Any registration amendments and/or cancellations must be notified in writing to the Event Organizers, (send correspondence to Conference registration cancellations received in writing before 1st September 2014 will be refunded in full less an administrative fee of 15% of the registration amount. Cancellations received after that date will not receive refunds. Substitute delegates are welcome without penalty, but please advise the Event Organizers of the changes by 1st September 2014.

In the event that the meeting is cancelled by the Organizers, or if for any reason or any factor outside the control of the Organizers the conference cannot take place, the amount of the Registration Fee shall be refunded, less an administrative fee of 15% of the registration amount. The liability of the Organizers shall be limited to that refund and neither shall be liable for any other loss, cost or expense, however caused, incurred or arising. In particular, neither the Organizers shall be liable to refund any travel or hotel costs incurred by delegates or their organizations. It follows that delegates and accompanying partners are advised to take out comprehensive insurance, including travel insurance.

Non-payment will result in cancellation of registration and denial of entry into the event. No-shows or cancellations after 1st September 2014 will not be reimbursed.

Click here to read the event disclaimer. 

Please contact: if you have any additional questions about registering for the Colloquium